Kerala Polytechnic Lateral Entry ITI/KGCE QUOTA



Code ITI Trade (2 years course) Eligible Branches in Diploma Course
1. Aeronautical Structure and Equipment Fitter ME, MT
2. Agriculture Machinery Sector (CoE Scheme) ME,MT, AU
3. Apparel Sector (CoE Scheme) TT
4. Architectural Assistant AR
5. Architectural Draughtsman AR, CE
6. Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant) CH
7. Audio Video Electronics (Model ITI) EL,EC,IE
8. Automobile Technology Sector (CoE Scheme) AU,ME
9. Basic Course in Electrical/Electronics (Model ITI) EE
10. Central Air Condition Plant Mechanic ME ,MT,EE
11. Chemical Sector (CoE Scheme) CH,PL
12. Civil Engineering Assistant CE
13. Construction & Wood Working Sector (CoE Scheme) CE
14. Dental Laboratory Technician BM
15. Draughtsman (Civil) CE
16. Draughtsman (Mechanic) ME ,MT
17. Draughtsman (Mechanical) ME, MT
18. Electrical Sector (CoE Scheme) EE
19. Electrician EE
20. Electrician Power Distribution EE
21. Electronics (Mechanic) EL,EC,IE
22. Electronics Sector (CoE Scheme) EL,EC,IE
23. Electroplater EE,CH
24. Fabrication Sector (CoE Scheme) ME,MT
25. Fitter ME,MT
26. Industrial Automation Sector (CoE Scheme) IT,IE
27. Industrial Electrician (Model ITI) EE
28. Industrial Electronic Controls (Model ITI) EL,EC,IE
29. Information and Communication Technology System Maintenance CT, CM, IF
30. Information Technology & Electronics System Maintenance CT,CM,IF,EL,EC
31. Information Technology IF, CT
32. Information Technology Sector (CoE Scheme) CT,CM,IF
33. Instrument Mechanic IE
34. Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant) CH, IE
35. Instrumentation Sector (CoE Scheme) IE
36. Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant) CH
37. Lift and Escalator Mechanic ME,MT, EE
38. Lift Mechanic ME,MT, EE
39. Lift Mechanic Operator ME,MT, EE
40. Machininst (Grinder) ME, MT
41. Machinist ME,MT,TD
42. Maintenance Mechanic (Chemical Plant) CH
43. Marine Fitter ME,MT
44. Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances EE,EL,EC
45. Mechanic (General Electronics) EL,EC, IE
46. Mechanic (Mechatronics) ME, EL, EE
47. Mechanic Agriculture Machinery ME,MT,AU
48. Mechanic Computer Hardware CM,CT
49. Mechanic Consumer Electronics EL,EC
50. Mechanic cum Operator-Electronics Communication System EL,EC
51. Mechanic Machine Tools Maintenance (MM,TM) TD,MT
52. Mechanic Medical Electronics BM,EL,EC,IE
53. Mechanic Motor Vehicle(M M V) ME,AU
54. Mechanic Radio & Television EL,EC,IE
55. Mechanic-Industrial Electronics EL,EC,IE
56. Operator Advanced Machine Tools ME,MT,TD
57. Painter General ME
58. Plastic Processing Sector(CoE Scheme) PL
59. Process Control Instrumentation (Model ITI) IE
60. Process Plant Maintenance Sector (CoE Scheme) CH
61. Production and Manufacturing Sector (CoE Scheme) ME,MT,TD
62. Radiology Technician (Radio diagnosis & Radio therapy) BM
63. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ME,MT
64. Refrigeration & A C Mechanic (R A C Mechanic) ME,MT
65. Refrigeration & Air conditioner Technician ME,MT
66. Refrigeration & Air condition Sector (CoE Scheme) ME,MT
67. Spinning Technician TT
68. Surveyor CE
69. Technician Mechatronics ME
70. Technician Medical Electronics BM, EL, EC, IE
71. Technician Power Electronic System EE, EC, IE
72. Textile Mechatronics TT
73. Textile Technology Sector (CoE Scheme) TT
74. Textile Wet Processing Technician TT
75. Tool & Die Maker [Jigs & Fixtures(TDM)] TD, MT,ME
76. Tool & Die Maker[Die & Moulds(TDM)] TD,MT, ME
77. Turner ME,MT,TD
78. Weaving Technician TT
79. Welder (Gas & Electric) ME,MT
80. Wireman EE

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