PolyAdmission.org Refund of Fee Rules

1.      Refund of Fees

As per GO (Rt) No. 77/2019/H.Edn., Thiruvananthapuram dated 18/01/2019 and AICTE Approval Process Handbook 2022-23 and referring Clause 12.1 of Prospectus,

  1. In the event of a student withdrawing before the start of the Course, the entire Fee collected from the student, after a deduction of the processing fee of not more than ₹1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) shall be refunded by the Institution. It shall not be permissible for Institutions to retain the School/ Institution Leaving Certificates in original.
    1. In case, if a student leaves after joining the Course and if the vacated seat is consequently filled by another student by the last date of admission, the Institution must refund the Fee collected after a deduction of the processing Fee of not more than ₹1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) and proportionate deductions of monthly Fee and hostel rent, where applicable.
  1. In case the vacated seat is not filled, the Institution shall refund the Security Deposit and return the original documents.
    1. The Institution shall not demand Fee for the subsequent years from the students cancelling their admission at any point of time. Fee refund along with the return of Certificates shall be completed within 7 days.
    1. The processing fee (as in clause 13.1 &13.2) shall not be collected from students leaving Diploma Programmes from Govt. institutions.
    1. Students admitted to Self Financing Polytechnic College and later get admission in Govt. Polytechnic College may request for TC and refund of fees to the particular Self Financing College. The particular Self Financing College shall complete the refund of fees along with the return of Certificates within 7 days of receiving the request for the same.

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