Aided Training Colleges in Kerala 2023

 1. Mar Theophilose Training College Thiruvananthapuram
 2. S N Training College Nedunganda 695 307
 3. Karmalarani Training College Kollam
 4. Mount Thabor Training College Pathanapuram
 5. Peet Memorial Training College Mavelikkara
6. NSS Training College Pandalam
7. Titus II Teacher’s Training College Thiruvalla
8. NSS Training College Changanassery
9. Mount Carmel Training College Kottayam
10. St Joseph’s Training College Mannanam
11. St Thomas Training College Palai
12. S N M Training College Moothakunnam
13. St Joseph’s Training College for Women Kovilakom
14. NSS Training College Ottappalam
15. P.K.M College of Education, Madampam, Kannur
16. Farook Training College Kozhicode
17. KEY Sahib Training College, Kannur


Aided training colleges in Kerala are dedicated to producing highly competent and compassionate educators. These institutions offer various teacher training programs, including Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and Diploma in Education (D.Ed.). The curriculum focuses on developing pedagogical skills, subject knowledge, classroom management techniques, and effective communication strategies. By providing a solid foundation in educational theory and practice, aided training colleges equip future educators with the necessary skills to create engaging and inclusive learning environments.

Aided training colleges in Kerala offer specialized training programs to cater to the diverse needs of the education sector. These programs include special education, inclusive education, educational administration, educational technology, and more. By providing specialized training, aided training colleges equip educators with the knowledge and skills required to address the unique needs of learners with disabilities, promote inclusive education, and effectively manage educational institutions. The emphasis on specialization ensures that educators are well-prepared to meet the diverse challenges of the educational landscape.

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